Frank Carson (1927-2007)

“First Snow” Painting by Frank Carson. 8×10″

A self-taught artist born in Windsor, Nova Scotia, Frank Carson was one of the original folk artists in the province. He started painting in 1935 at the age of seven.

His work includes landscape, marine and still life using bright colours such as deep purples, blues, reds, pinks, greens and oranges. With a combination of lines and dots, Frank included in each canvas his trademark “three birds”.

Some paintings tell a story of by-gone days in Frank’s life. Others are simply wonderful to look at. Happy childhood days at Windsor, Falmouth and Bramber, communities in Hants County, Nova Scotia are evident in may of his paintings.

Frank Carson began with house paints. He would go door to door in his neighbourhood, asking for any leftover unwanted paint. At age nine, he received his first set of watercolour paints from his parents, who had recognized his natural artistic talent.

In the years that followed, Frank Carson gave away to friends and family literally hundreds of paintings which he had created for the sheer pleasure of exercising his artistic talents. He sold his first painting at age fifteen, realizing he wished to make art his life’s work.

Frank Carson was active in the art circle, painting virtually every day for the enjoyment it gave him, and for the pleasure that his work gave to others.

Frank’s artwork has been acclaimed at exhibitions in such places as Iserlohn, West Germany, Toronto, Ontario, Ottawa, Ontario, Fort Churchill, Manitoba, Korea, and Halifax/Dartmouth, Nova Scotia.