Geoff Butler

Geoff Butler’s books are available for sale during June at the Cafe while supplies last.
(One or two copies of each)

The Killick: A Newfoundland Story 
"Ode to Newfoundland." Jacketed hardcover, 32 pages, 11 1/2 x 8 3/4"

Ode to Newfoundland

A Gift of Music: Emile Benoit & his Fiddle
Art of War: Painting it out of the picture
The Hangashore
Heroes of Isle aux Morts
The Look of Angels: Angels in Art

With Every Breath We Take: a modern fable in which a snowflake helps put an end to war

Butler was born in a house at the base of Brimstone Head, Fogo Island, Newfoundland, one of the four corners of the earth (according to the Flat Earth Society). Later he veered toward one of the centres, studying at the Art Students League in New York City. Then he followed his own path back to the periphery, at least of the art world.

His art has always been “about something” besides itself. He generally works in series, to better explore ‘the human condition’.

His Art of War  series of paintings in the 1980s dealt with war and militarism, and in the 1990s his Angel looks series was about spirituality.

He has self-published books on both series: Art of War: Painting it out of the picture and The Look of Angels: Angels in Art. In his third series, Canuckiana, the surface imagery referred to things Canadian, that being as representative as any of the wider world. His current series, Global Village, is a natural extension of the other three series. It tries to depict, in painterly terms, our increasing awareness of our place in the cosmos.

Occasionally he writes and illustrates children’s books, and pursues his musical interests.

Butler is an elected member of the Royal Canadian Academy of Arts.

He would like to visit the other three corners of the earth.