Mark Mastin

"Gone Fishing" Acrylic by Mark Mastin. 11x16"
“Gone Fishing” Acrylic by Mark Mastin. 11×16″
"Red Rocks" Acrylic by Mark Mastin. 16x20"
“Red Rocks” Acrylic by Mark Mastin. 16×20″

Born in the South–East of England many years ago, Mark spent his early years working, living and traveling across the world.  He settled in Canada in 1985 when he met his wife, Lorna.  Mark now lives and works in Nova Sc0tia’s Annapolis Valley with Lorna, their four children and assorted cats, dogs, horses, chickens, ducks and a rabbit named Calypso.

Self taught, Mark’s chosen medium is Acrylic on Canvas.  He particularly enjoys the versatility of acrylics which allow him the freedom to indulge in variety of styles from “alla prima” or to alter the working properties of the paint and adopt some of the techniques of the English watercolourists.

The land and seascapes of his adopted home are his favourite subjects but he will occasionally branch out to include places he has visited and animals or people- normally friends’ family or pets.